Transparent donation flow

Giveth is an open source platform that will enable people to build communities around causes. Our Donation Application (Dapp) empowers Givers and Makers to work together toward achieving a common goal.

Campaigns raising funds with Giveth can be trusted because of a mix of blockchain based transparency and social accountability.

Makers create milestones with the intent to make the world a better a place. The system to fund these milestones runs on the Ethereum blockchain to enable a high level of security and transparent accounting, so you can donate to your favorite cause, know exactly where your donation went, what it accomplished and most important: Know the details of the whole process!

Create Altruistic Communities

Whether it is establishing a sustainable power source in an impoverished area, or organizing a recycling campaign - any community can use the Giveth platform to fight for their cause and find other people that share their excitement.

Giveth encourages organization of efforts and sharing of resources, so communities can tackle global and local problems together. Giveth facilitates these connections, so strong communities can be built upon a foundation of transparency and accountability, guaranteed by blockchain tech.

Connect and Build Trust

Our smart contracts aim to establish a trustless system. You support your favorite cause and know the details about where your money is being used - the system tracks everything. Instead of donating and hoping it produces a desirable outcome, the donation can be locked into a descriptive milestone that is released to the charity only for proof of results, incentivizing them be responsible and economical.

Transparent Innovation

We strongly believe in open source culture. All of our software is considered a gift to the Ethereum community.
Developers can use our base system as a launching pad to test their for-profit ideas. Imagine starting a decentralized charity to build an orphanage while testing an experimental governance system for allocating donations. Live smart contract testing while making the world a better place.

Contribute to development:

  • MiniMe

    The MiniMe token makes it trivial for ANYONE to upgrade a Dapp/DAO midstream to include new features in a decentralized fashion, without having to migrate to a new token contract and without having to ask for permission. Learn more...

  • Vault

    The Vault Contract is designed to hold ether and safely automate payments in a Dapp/DAO environment. It allows for a step-by-step decentralization process as trust in the code base is built over time. Learn more...

  • Delegated Governance

    One of the core contracts we are working on enables a donor to delegate authority over their donations in a simple gas efficient way, following the principles of liquid democracy.

  • Milestone Payouts

    Our milestone contracts, once fully tested, are able to keep organizations and causes accountable to their supporters. Breaking down lump sum amounts and ensuring milestones completion is an approach that would help all types of organizations ( profit or non-profits), as well as the current ICO ecosystem, by giving that extra level of conrol, ensuring that contributed funds are well spent. Legacy Milestonetracker

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